Thursday, May 01, 2008

My child hits me, his own mother!

Why do children hit their mothers? Is this a sign you are a bad parent? Stay tuned to find out

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Melissa said...

I want to hear this one... Please post it. I just realized after years of thinking my ex and father of my kids was bipolar, that he is a psychopath with drug addiction tendencies. I was diagnosed with adult ADD and my oldest son is just like his father and sides with his father. He has abused me and his brother. I am worried about him. I am currently fighting the unseen battle with their dad who is using them for money and convinced them to live with him. Its just a matter of time until the damage ensues. They are between a rock and hard place though my oldest doesn't think so. I am worried for their well being and cant prove that my ex is an APD. I want to get them away from him cause I am concerned that being around the dad will worsen my eldest son's issues. I am going to buy your books this week and recently bought Divorce poison although I have been divorced since 2003. But the tug of war with the kids continues.