Saturday, April 28, 2007

Organization to address the needs of at risk kids

I have been fortunate to receive many letters from parents discussing the issues involved in raising children with genetic risk for antisocial behavior, addiction and ADHD. I especially enjoy all the adorable pictures!

The most disturbing letters I get are about the emotional, physical and sexual abuse of at risk children at the hands of a sociopathic parent. Tragically, the healthy parent tries to implement the prevention techniques outlined in my book Just Like His Father? only to have the efforts completely undermined by the other parent.

One women wrote into with a story of the sociopathic parent's sexual harassment of a teen aged daughter. This mother went to court to try to restrict visitation and was denied. All to often sociopaths also share custody and continue their abuse of the other parent, using the children to do so.

If we want to reduce antisocial behavior and addiction in our society, we have to start with children at risk. A child's genes are set at conception. We can however, take control of environmental risk. The courts need to do more to protect at risk children. We need an organization to explore court reform and to collect these stories of visitation gone bad. If you are interested in participating or hearing about this organization visit and sign up.

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